Recommended Books

Here are some recommended books that provide practical advice in raising your child.

Paul Offit, M.D.

What to Do When Your Baby is Premature
Joseph A. Garcia-Prats, M.D.

What to Expect in the First Year
Eisenbeg, Murkoff, and Hathaway

The Complete Book of Breastfeeding
Marvin S. Eiger, M.D.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems
Richard Ferber

David Decides About Thumb-Sucking: A Story for Children (to be read to your child)
Singer, Heitler

American Academy of Pediatrics Books

Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5

Caring for Your School-Age Child: Ages 5-12

Caring for Your Teenager

Your Baby’s First Year

Heading Home With Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality

Immunizations and Infectious Diseases: An Informed Parents Guide

Baby & Child Health: The Essential Guide from Birth to 11 Years

Waking Up Dry

Guide to Your Child’s Sleep

Guide to Your Child’s Allergies and Asthma

Guide to Toilet Training

Guide to Your Child’s Symptoms

Your Child’s Best Shot: A Parents Guide to Vaccination

New Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding

Guide to Your Child’s Nutrition


For Children

Reading can have powerful positive effects on the intellectual development, character, and overall outlook of a child. Early reading of books plays a vital role in the development of both spoken and written language skills. Reading also provides other benefits such as allowing busy parents the opportunity to spend “quality time” with their children. Children who are read to from an early age start to associate books with their parent’s love an attention. We encourage parents to read to their children because it allows them to become closer to their parents, helps in intellectual and character development, and creates an environment for a child to establish a lifelong habit of reading.

Here are some sites that contain information and sell children’s books.

Barnes & Noble
The Childrens Book Council
The Children’s Literature Web Guide
The Caldecott Medal
Children’s Book Central


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