Childhood Center

The Childhood Center Is a Child Development Center Like No Other

The Education of a School with the Comfort and Support of a Home…

The Childhood Center is a private, family-owned and -operated child development center. They provide individualized quality child care for children from ages 6 weeks to 4 years. Their staff is highly trained in early childhood education and child development.

Bee Well Pediatrics has partnered with the center allowing a child to be given the most timely medical care needed for minor illnesses and emergency treatment.
From the home-like feeling when you walk through their door to the loving, first-class attention you and your child receive from the staff, The Childhood Center exceeds all your child care and child development expectations.

Dr. Leonhardt welcomes them and gives it two thumbs up!


Pediatric services are available to all children; office visit fees can be billed to medical insurance or paid in cash.
A sliding schedule of fees for uninsured children is available. Contact us now for more information.
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